Construction Equipment Services

BKE's Services for Uninterrupted Construction Operations - Your partner in Equipment Maintenance

Trust BKE for professional servicing, maintenance, and repairs of concrete mixer machines , suspended platform hoists , ladder lifts, vibratory rollers , earth rammers, and more. We ensure your equipment operates at its best, contributing to the success of your construction projects. Our services are available in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh (Guntur), and Kulithalai regions.

Seamless Supply of Genuine Spare Parts: BKE Supports Your Equipment's Longevity and Performance

We understand the importance of using genuine spare parts for the longevity and performance of your equipment. BKE provides a wide selection of authentic spare parts, ensuring compatibility and reliable operation. We maintain a well-stocked inventory of spare parts to meet your immediate needs. Our efficient supply chain ensures the timely delivery of required parts, minimizing equipment downtime.

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