Suspended Platform Hoist

A suspended platform system gives users temporary access to heights - whether they are maintaining buildings, working on construction sites, or working in industrial environments. Steel wire ropes suspend the equipment along the vertical surfaces of buildings.

Balakrishna engineering provides you good quality suspended platform hoist. The robust design aids in good performance and the suspended platform hoist has a longer functional life. It comes with a safety lock. The capacity is around 800kgs. Some common applications of suspended platforms in the construction industry are outer plastering works, painting, fixing, etc

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Model BSPH-800
Capacity 800 kg
Lifting Speed 8.2 +/- 0.5
Platform Dimension LxWxH (2500x3)690x1180
Motor Power - 1.56 KW
Rotation Speed - 1400 rpm
Break Tark - N-M 15
Safety Lock Type - LSG 25
Qty. - 2 pcs
Allowable Impulsive Force - 20 K-N
Weight Suspension Platform - 371
Hoist - 54 x 2
Safety Lock - 5.5 x 2
Suspension Mechanism - 334 (No-including counter weight)
Electrical Control Box - 15 kg
The Hole Machine - 840 kg
Counter Weight - 1000 (25 x 40 pcs)
Wire Rope 8.6 (4 pcs)
Power Cable 1 pcs

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Suspended Platform Hoist