About Us

Balakrishna Engineering Company was established in the year 2000. Mr.M.Balakrishnan is the Founder and CEO of this company. They first setup, its base in Chinniyampalayam Industrial Area at R.G. Pudur, Covering an area of 850 square feet. It began as a modest establishment with only two employees. After a year, the company diversified into the concrete mixture machines and building hoists market. Ours is a well-known name in the field of equipment manufacturing and designing of concrete mixers, concrete mixer machines, hoist machines, etc.

In 2005, 25 people worked for the company and by then our premises encompassed a huge building covering nearly 8000 square feet. By that time the company was marketing its products in two states - Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Efficiency and professionalism have been instrumental to the company's exponential growth, leading to further expansion of its operations in and around Chinniyampalayam. In 2011, the company constructed a new factory at Vasanthra Nagar, Mylampatti, covering an area of 15000 square feet, where new technologies were adopted to efficiently manufacture quality products.

As of 2010, 75 technically well-versed experts were working for the company. All the machinery were produced under one roof with state-of-the-art technology. Now the company markets its products all over South India. The company has secured the second place in the market for construction equipment manufacturing and currently has a market share of 35 percent. The company offers a wide range of construction machinery like Earth rammer, Power trowel, Sand sieving machines and much more.

On 2015, we started the production with TMT Rod Cutting and Bending Machine, CNC and all other flooring Machine. As of now we have 120 employees and 15 staffs.

From 2021 – Till Now, we have one head office running under two factories (28000 Sq. Ft). As the term of “ALL AT ONE ROOF”. A company markets cross all over India.

Mission: Quality is our Motto.

Vision: Explore our brand name Across India.