Vibratory Roller

To meet different industrial requirements, Balakrishna engineering offers two types of vibratory rollers.

Vibratory rollers are widely used for compaction of coarse-grained gravely soil. Selection of vibratory soil compactor is the most important factor in bringing up the level of efficiency of soil for construction of a strong building.

This one is used for levelling the surface. We are happy to deliver large or small vibratory roller according to the industrial need.

A vibratory roller is a compactor with a drum used to compact dirt, asphalt, or other materials by applying a combination of static and dynamic forces to increase the surface's ability to support the weight. Vibratory rollers can completely cover the space underneath the wheel. When it comes to compact, it is more effective than other kinds of road rollers. The roller's vibration may arrange the particles and applies direct pressure to a particular layer.

The vibratory rollers offered by Balakrishna Engineering meet a wide range of industrial requirements. For the compaction of coarse-grained grave soil, vibratory rollers are widely used. For strong building construction, vibratory soil compactors are crucial to improving soil efficiency. The purpose of this one is to level the surface. Our vibratory rollers are available in a variety of sizes, depending on your industrial needs.