Steel Bar Thread Roller

BKE's Steel Bar Thread Roller has a standard speed reducer and durable machine head which gives a standard design and it is convenient to maintain. It is used for threading the steel bars in industries.

The Steel Bar Thread Roller is easy to operate and does not require skilled technicians. It adopts cold thread rolling technology. Steel Bar Thread Roller does not cut the rebar parent metal, since the strength of Rolled Thread is much stronger than the parent metal.

The steel bar thread rolling machine is a device that processes the straight threads on the connection ends of the steel bars using cutting-edge stripping and rolling technology. It processes steel straight threaded metal fibre that is consistently dense and has excellent all-around mechanical qualities.

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Model HGS 40 B

Capacity16 - 40 mm
Max. Process Length80 mm
Motor Power4 kw - 4 P
Main Shaft Speed50 R / min
Weight410 kg

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Steel Bar Thread Rolling Machine